Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas fun!

We had a busy but very fun Christmas with lots of time spent with family. We also were able to ride on the Lodi Firetruck around town as it took Santa to see lots of local kiddos! What fun!

Christmas 2011 and Firetruck ride


Thursday, June 16, 2011

May 2011 Family Photos

Thought we'd share these with you all! There isn't an individual one of Lorelei because she has already had her 4 year and in about three months she'll have her 5 year photo! It was perfect timing for Ellie's 6 month and Charlotte's 3 year photo in May!

Family photos May 2011


7 month old Ellie!

Here are some (or a LOT) of photos of our 16 pound 5 oz, 7 month old bundle of smiles: Ellie Kate! She is learning to clap, loves to eat mashed peas, pumpkin, squash and cheerios, plays peek-a-boo and has started babbling "ma-ma-ma" when she wants me or to eat! She is so much fun!

Ellie Kate 7 months

Ellie 7 months old

Ellie shy of 7 months


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A (White) Memorial Day Weekend to remember!

We spent Memorial Day weekend up in Tahoe (Incline Village) and stayed with my parents at a time-share condo there. It was beautiful and SNOWING! Who would have thought that a Holiday weekend known for water sports and summer-kick-off BBQ's would be dominated by massive snow flakes and freezing temperatures this year! It was even darn cold in the valley! Oh well...we had a blast anyway. And more importantly it was Charlotte's Third Birthday weekend as well! We celebrated with both sides of our family the week before as well. Is it really true that our little Charlotte is now three? When did that happen? She went from my baby to another one of my "big girls" overnight! *sniff, sniff* Since the weather was so un-summerish, we hunkered down in the condo for a few days of game playing, yummy food, drinks and naps whenever we wanted! The girls had a blast playing on the stairs in the condo and Ellie was her usual easy-going self (except for the fact that she has to have me in view at ALL TIMES!) We ventured out several times for meals and some shopping but we mostly hung out and it was wonderful. Not having the chores from home staring you in the face is quite liberating! Charlotte's Birthday (our second day there) was low-key and nice. She helped Grandma frost her cake and we all had fun playing with her new toys. She was one happy camper! It does not take a whole lot to please this little gal! We even fit in some time for a snow ball fight (the girls ate their snow balls) and some mini snowman building! What an unexpected treat for Memorial Day weekend!

Memorial Day weekend 2011 in Tahoe

Charlotte's 3rd B-Day


Monday, May 9, 2011

The best Mother's Day Ever!

What could be better than spending Mother's Day with the little beauties who gave me that title and the guy who made my "Mommy dreams" come true. San Francisco with our little family was a blast! We had lunch in North Beach with my college roommate Brandie (AKA: Auntie Brandie); drove over to the Marina District then had some fun at Crissy Field; took a drive through the Presidio; checked out Golden Gate Park; hit the beach at Ocean Beach on the Pacific and explored the Palace of Fine Arts! The day was topped off with a kid-friendly meal at the Rainforest Cafe at Fisherman's Warf! What awesome memories from this day. I love you girls and thanks so much Matt!

Mother's Day San Fran 2011


Thursday, May 5, 2011

iPhone protege!

Lorelei giving Ellie an iPhone lesson


A special day at Preschool...

Officer (Uncle) Kyle comes to Preschool!


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A lot of fun with a box

Fort with the girls, May 4, 2011


More photos of the "big sisters" and Ellie Kate sitting at the beginning of May!

big girls beginnin of May 2011 and Ellie sitting


Monday, May 2, 2011

Ellie's playdates!

We have two close family friends who have little baby boys that are around Ellie's age: Cruz Espinosa is 2 weeks younger than Ellie and Travis Harbin is 8 weeks older. Here are some photos of Ellie enjoying some time with each of her little buddies this weekend as well as some adorable photos of our big girls playing too!

Ellie and Cruz 6 months, May 1, 2011
Ellie playing with Travis...6 months old, April 31 2011