Monday, July 26, 2010

24 weeks and growing!

Here is a "Battle of the Bellies" photo of myself and my friend Laurie who is ten weeks ahead of me! She is expecting her second boy, and of course you know that we are expecting our third girl!
All is well with the Baker clan...Matt started his new job at PG&E and LOVES it! We are so thankful! The girls are finishing up their last week of swimming lessons. Lorelei is a little fish! She does a great freestyle stroke and is working on her side breathing. Diving for rings is her favorite activity in the pool! Charlotte is still mastering the art of closing her mouth when she goes under the water but she LOVES to "monkey crawl", working her way around the edge of the pool hand over hand. She also is quite good at floating and jumping to her instructor. Matt and I celebrated our fifth anniversary this past week and enjoyed a kid-free "stay-cation" this pas weekend! The kiddos were shared between the grandparents and Matt and I spent the mornings sleeping in and the days filled with whatever we wanted to do! We saw a great movie: Inception, and had some great dinners out in downtown Lodi. We even sat in a Boarders Bookstore with our coffees and read for hours....because we could! What a nice time it was but it was even nicer to get our girls back!
A couple of weekends ago we took the girls camping for one night out in the delta. We went with our friends/neighbors the Espinosas and their two girls Kloee and Annalisa! What a blast we had. Even though it took quite a while for our girls to settle down and go to sleep in our tent, everyone had a great time roasting marshmallows, playing down at the river and digging in the dirt!
Tyler, Matt's best man from his wedding came to visit us several weeks ago from Manhattan where he is an FBI agent. We LOVED spending time with him even if the visit was short. The girls fell in love with him (typical reaction of females to Tyler's presence). We were sad to see him go but are hoping to take up his offer for a free place to stay in New York soon!

Times have been busy but fun...and they will only be getting busier I expect!

24 weeks pregnant #3

Swimming lessons both girls July 2010

Camping with Espinosas, July 2010

Charlotte Lola early July 2010


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Belly photos from week 21 and 22

We've rounding the 20 week, "half-way" mark and are flying through our fifth month of pregnancy! WOW. In less than four months we will be meeting our little baby girl. Hard to believe! Another thing that is hard to believe is my belly! Man oh man. I don't remember being so pregnant looking at this point during my other pregnancies. I am starting to worry about where the next 18 weeks are going to fit! I posted some photos here of my belly during week 21 (self-portraits in the mirror) and some very brave swimsuit belly shots from this week (into our 23rd week now). I may regret these. Oh well. Anyway, I am feeling well and despite some heartburn and tossing and turning during the nights while trying to find a comfortable position for both me and the baby, things are going well! We will keep you posted!

21 weeks pregnant #3

22 weeks pregnant #3