Monday, August 25, 2008

Charlotte...weeks 11 and 12

Where has the time gone? And did June and July really happen? With a new baby at the very end of May, June was a BLUR and July was a haze as well. Now we have an almost three-month-old! WOW! Charlotte is starting to come out of the funk of reflux and colic. THANK GOD! She has been a much happier baby lately which means that the Baker house is a much more sane place to be. She loves to share her smiles with us, coo and her sister, watch the dogs run around, sit in her bumbo chair, swing in her papasan swing (thank GOD for that thing), enjoy the fresh air in our yards and so much more! Tummy time has become much more fun since she is so much stronger now! She lifts her whole chest off of the floor with her arms and turns her head all around to find something interesting. Charlotte is a drool machine. We go through 6-8 bibs a day that we could probably ring out. If we could find a way to power the world with drool we could solve the energy crisis! Charlotte's eyes are looking very blue these days and she is getting cuter and cuter every day. We are all under her spell.

Here are some recent photos:

2008-08-24 Charlotte 11 and 12 weeks


In the yards with Daddy

Lorelei absolutely loves to be outside with Daddy whenever he is working in the yards. She helps to water the plants with him and helps him tend to our veggie garden (although she loves to pick the green tomatoes instead of the red ones). But most recently, mowing is her new passion! She gets the biggest kick out of pushing her bubble mower behind Daddy as he mows. Charlotte and I sat in the shade and watched Matt and his shadow the other are the photos.

2008-08-24 Outside yard time


A day of fun with cousin Ethan

Ethan came over the other day to play with Lorelei and the two of them had a BLAST! They are only 12 days apart in age and are both approaching 2 very soon! They LOVE one another. They really are like a little comedy team!

Here are some photos:

Fun with Ethan August 24th 2008


Go Chiefs!

When Grandpa Chad was in Kansas City a while ago he picked up a Chief's outfit for Lorelei at a Chiefs finally fits!

Here she is:

2008-08-24 GO CHIEFS


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hot August Nights 2008!

Along with my parents and Laurie, Brandon and Brenden Harbin, we headed up to Sparks, Nevada for Hot August Nights over the past weekend. We all had rooms right next to one another at The Nugget Casino/Hotel and Brenden (16 months) and Lola had a blast together. Charlotte was pretty much just along for the ride, but she did really well with all of the activity. Laurie's parents, Pam and Ted Roach (long time family friends of our family) were up there as well. We all had such a good time hanging out and although the weather was quite warm (in the 90's) the evenings cooled off nicely. During the days we walked around and checked out all of the cool classic cars on display along Virginia Avenue and all of the festivities (and food). In the afternoons we hit the pool and let the kiddos work off some energy before nap time. The casinos were close by which allowed for some fun for the adults as well! The evenings were the BEST when the "cruise" came through the streets. It was so nice to be able to set chairs out along the route, chill out with our coolers of beverages and watch the cars come by and show off their engines and NOISE! The drivers would throw beads and candy. Lorelei screamed, "Cars, Cars, Yeah, Yeah, Go, Go, Vroom, Vroom" and was plastered against the baracades the entire time. The noise never scared her and she was in HEAVEN! Each morning the first words that came out of her mouth were, "more cars?". She also enjoyed some candy and her first lolly pop! What a blast.

Photos from our weekend:

Hot August nights


Some photos of the girls

These are just some random photos of the girls from the past few weeks. Charlotte is now 10 weeks old! She was 10 lbs, 10oz at her checkup and is 23" long which puts her in the average range for both. She had her 2 month immunizations and there is a photo of her bandaids to prove it! Poor baby! Lorelei is now 23 months old and will be turning 2 soon! Where has time gone? She loves to be outside and has been enjoying sidewalk chalk and bubbles! Lola still loves to hold Charlotte whenever we allow her too. She calls Charlotte "sister" and "friend" which we think is adorable. She even says, "Charlotte, it's ok...don't cry sister" with a very concerned look on her face. What a little mommy she is!

Here are some photos:

2008-08-11 Charlotte Aug 08 and Hot August nights