Thursday, February 28, 2008

February wrap-up:

February was a crazy month for us. Lola was a blast and talks more and more every day. She has a pretty large vocabulary of "actual" words, but in-between she likes to add a gobble-dee-goop of some language that she made up! She is very close to figuring out all of this language stuff and already says 2 and 3 word sentences mostly consisting of: "up please", "no, no guys" (to the dogs), "hold this", "I love you", "tickle, tickle Daddy", "baby in there" (to my belly) etc. So much fun. We have had weekends that have been absolutely full to the brim with get-togethers with friends, family activities, house work, baby preparation stuff and a bit of travel for Mommy.

Our dear friend Brian Reisinger passed away unexpectedly from heart complications in his home on February 10th. The Reisinger family has always been our "local family" since neither the Barrows nor the Reisingers had family locally. I grew up with Brian's son Aaron (my age) and my brother Kyle grew up with Andrew. Many a holiday was spent together through the years as well as many family vactions. My mom also worked for Brian and Brian was my Dad's best friend. All in all, it was a huge loss to our family. Matt and Brian (as well as the boys) had grown close as well. He really was like a second Dad to me and he would often introduce me as his "daughter" to others. Needless to say, the Barrows have been very busy helping the boys to sort out whatever they needed in preparation for the memorial service (in LA where Brian's extended family lives) and the celebration of life celebration the following weekend that saw over 200 people in attendance. I decided to drive down to LA with my parents and some other good friends to attend Brian's memorial service and to support Aaron and Andrew. That meant that Daddy had a weekend with Lola all to himself! They had a blast and Lola was not too happy that Mommy had come back to switch places with Daddy when he went to work!

So...February was a very happy as well as difficult month for our family and we are looking forward to a calmer and brighter March. My pregnancy is going wonderfully and I am still taking prenatal yoga classes. I am now a full 25 weeks pregnant and 6months along! Wow. Time is flying and the belly is growing.

Photos from this month:

February wrap-up


Thursday, February 7, 2008

22 weeks pregnant!

Well, the belly is getting quite big! I am now done with my 22nd week and have started my sixth month now! Time is flying and I am trying to eat up every chance I get to spend one-on-one time with Lorelei (and with the three of us) since in a few months that will change! I am having a blast in my prenatal yoga classes and am overall feeling really wonderful!

Here are some 22 week photos:

22 weeks pregnant February 2008