Monday, January 24, 2011

Eleven and Twelve week old Ellie Kate!

Our little Ellie is 12 weeks old now! She is an angel. So sweet, so happy, so mellow! She has carved out her spot in our family and in our hearts. She "talks" a lot to us now and gives BIG smiles to her sisters! She is a strong little gal and has discovered how fun kicking her legs can be! Ellie has had several colds over the past month but is a real trooper through the nasal suctioning and temperature-taking. She is doing much longer stretches of sleep at night now (AMEN!) and is a go-with-the-flow baby on mornings when I am racing to get Lorelei to preschool on time. We love her and are so blessed! Here are some recent photos for you!

January 2011 Ellie month three


Sunday, January 9, 2011

There's something wrong with this picture...

Our crazy dogs amuse us every day. Take a peek at their recent antics...we blame this all on Bailey!

Queen Bailey


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Some great photos of the girls!

Matt was asked to take a new Nikon camera home for the weekend from his work to "figure it out". We took the opportunity to take some great photos of the kiddos! Here they are!

Random photos of the girls


Friday, January 7, 2011

Some more Ellie!

Here are some more shots of Ellie at 9.5 weeks old on her changing table (her favorite place) in a cute onesie made by our friend Sara!

more Ellie smiles and Dronkers shirt Jan 2011


Thursday, January 6, 2011


The other night Ellie decided to be awake for an hour and a half: from 3:45-5:15am. She was content but wide-eyed. I was trying to kill some time and so I snapped a few low quality photos on my iphone! Here they are!



Better late than never! Christmas 2010 photos

Sorry it took me so long to put these up! Here are photos from our wonderful Holidays! We hope you all have a very happy and blessed New Year!

Christmas 2010 Ellie 8 weeks


Smiles from Ellie Kate

Ellie is 9 weeks old now but has been smiling for over a week. I finally captured a few on camera and wanted to share them with you! We just love this little girl!

Ellie 9 week smiles!


Monday, January 3, 2011

Ellie is 2 months old!

Sorry for not being better about posting updates on Ellie! She is now 2 months old (where does the time go?) and is 10 lbs 4 oz, 22" long. She has great chubby cheeks and is a sweet, easy baby! She sleeps fairly well at night and Mommy's biggest success is that ALL THREE GIRLS NAP AT THE SAME TIME IN THE AFTERNOON! I am totally giddy about this. We are in love with our Ellie Kate and she has fit into our family perfectly. The "big girls" love their little sister and are a huge help to Mommy. Ellie coasted through the holidays totally un-phased by the chaos around her. She was able to meet lots of family and was hardly ever put down! Now if we could just get rid of her nasty little cold! Poor baby. Our whole family has passed it around. I'll try to be better about posting photos of her- she is growing and changing so fast!

Ellie 2 months