Monday, September 27, 2010

Week 33 of baby #3 pregnancy!

I had not posted a belly shot in a few weeks but here I am! All 33 weeks of me! Crazy belly, huh? This baby must be a true "Baker Baby" ! I go in tomorrow for a checkup and will post any significant news then. My contractions are becoming stronger and are lasting longer, even on the medication. So, I have a feeling that something is changing. We will see! I am getting pretty darn tired of my couch and bed but the girls keep me smiling and my helpers keep me sane!

Pregnancy number three 33 weeks


Mommy and her over the past 4 years

As the birth of baby girl number three quickly approaches I wanted to post some of my favorite photos of me with my FIRST two girls over the past several years. They will be wonderful big sisters but they will always be my babies.

Mommy and girls favorites!


A collage of Lorelei's 4th year...

Every year I try to compile a photo collage for the kids birthday. Here is Lorelei's "4th year collage"! I can't believe that four years have passed.

From Collage of Lorelei's 4th year


Ethan's 4th Birthday!

Our little nephew (and Godson) Ethan Elrod turned 4 on September 14th (just 12 days after Lorelei). We celebrated with dinner and cupcakes at the Elrod home and the kiddos wore themselves out on the trampoline in the heat of the sun. What a great day!

Ethan's 4th Birthday 2010


Chrissy's 30th Birthday Surprise!

Back on August 21st (Chrissy's 30th Birthday), her husband Mando arranged a surprise evening of fun! We took a limo ride up to the John Mayer Concert in Marysville with 13 of us! What a blast. Chrissy was very surprised and everyone had a wonderful time!

Chrissy's 30th Birthday, Aug 2010


Daddy-daughters camping trip

Matt decided that it would be fun to take the girls up the mountain for a camping trip one more time before it became too cold and before the new baby came. Mommy had a very nice, relaxing (strangely quiet) weekend to herself but was ready for their return! Daddy's good buddy Brandon Harbin joined them with his oldest son, Brenden while his wife Laurie stayed at home with their three week old son Travis. They all had a blast and came back very tired and very dirty!

Here are photos from the weekend courtesy of Brandon Harbin!

Matt camping with kids late Sept 2010


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lorelei's First Day of Preschool

Yes, the day finally arrived. After seven months of hearing, "Mommy, when do I have preschool", (ever since we sat in on the preschool class), Lorelei finally had her first day! She was so excited she could hardly contain herself. She wore the new dress from Granny and Poppy, her new shoes, her new backpack and had her hair done "pretty". We were so excited for her to start this phase of her life but at the same time we had a sort of sadness in our hearts as we realized that it was the end of an era. For the next 12+ years she would be attending school and would never again just be home with me. It was a precious time having her all to myself but I guess its time to let her spread her wings!

She had a wonderful first day and met lots of new friends. She is already counting the minutes until Thursday when she goes to preschool again!

Lorelei's first day of Preschool 9-7-10


Memorial Day Fun!

We had a blast in the pool on Memorial Day with some of our friends. The girls were in the pool for hours and had so much fun playing on the tubes! What nice weather and great company!

Labor Day 2010 pool fun!


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lorelei's 4th Birthday Party at the park!

We just returned from a very fun and warm Birthday celebration for Miss Lorelei at her favorite park! It is hard to believe that she is 4! She had a blast with all of her little friends. I think we had about 18 kiddos there and close to 30 adults! What a blast! We love you Lorelei! "4" is going to be a big year! Preschool starts Tuesday and then a new baby sister will be next!

Lorelei's 4th Birthday partyA


Friday, September 3, 2010

Ultrasound photos from about 4 weeks ago

I had forgotten to post these when they were taken! Here is baby Baker girl at 26 weeks. The sonographer captured some great photos!

26 week baby number 3


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Little Divas: On Lorelei's 4th Birthday

By far, the two favorite gifts given to Lorelei by Mommy and Daddy! I just love these photos. Dress up is their favorite activity and they were in 7th heaven wearing these new outfits! Lorelei was nice enough to "give" one to Charlotte to use!

Today Lorelei had her Preschool Open House! We met her teachers, classmates and explored all of the fun activities. Lorelei had so much fun showing Daddy and Charlotte around since she and Mommy had already been for a visit. Lorelei starts this coming Tuesday and is SO excited. She keeps asking, "I get to go by myself, right?" We'll see if this confidence lasts!

Happy, Happy Birthday our darling little girl! Four years has sure flown by.

Charlotte Lorelei early September 2010