Friday, May 18, 2007

The Curry House...No Not Indian Food

Here are a few photos of our current residence on Curry Avenue. The home was built by Matt's great-great-uncle, Lawrence Hosmer, and his wife, Francis Hosmer (who designed it). The inside of the house is beautiful lath and plaster and was constructed between the mid 1920's and the mid 1930's. We have the original hardwood floors throughout as well as a large basement, high ceilings and about a half of an acre of yards (lots of work but fun too!). Behind us are vineyards that used to belong to Matt's family. Our dogs LOVE running through them, but so too do the coyotes and jack-rabbits. We have cool old windows that swing out (and leak like nobody's business) and two great fireplaces. Our kitchen is cute but lacking a dishwasher and disposal that Dana would really appreciate. Matt and I use what used to be his uncle's painting gallery (Lawrence Hosmer was a famous western painter) as our bedroom. The vaulted ceilings and fireplace in there beckoned us although there is no closet. We have another room on the first floor that is Lola's nursery and two more bedrooms upstairs as well as a huge playroom. Here is where we hang our hats for now! Feel free to visit anytime, we have room!

Curry House