Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Lodi Lake on Grandpa Barrow's Birthday!

On the evening of August 6th (Grandpa Barrow's Birthday), Matt, Lorelei and I as well as Kyle and Aimee surprised my Dad out at the Lake as he and my Mom were getting ready for a kayaking excursion. He had been blindfolded on the way and had no idea of the plans for the evening. He just assumed they were renting kayaks, but my Mom had something better in mind. As we all watched them get into their kayaks my Mom asked him if he liked the one he was in and then told him "you better like these because they are yours!" Just at that moment, the guide shoved his kayak off into the water and he was left speechless! So fun. We took advantage of the beautiful sunset and captured some fun photos of us with Lorelei. Happy 54th Birthday Grandpa Barrow!

View the photos here:

Lola at Lodi Lake for Gpas bday