Friday, March 28, 2008

29 weeks pregnant and counting!

We have entered the third trimester and I am now 29 weeks pregnant. I am still feeling great and am loving this pregnancy although the belly is getting in the way a bit when trying to play on the ground with my active little toddler! We had another scan and she is "still a girl"! Ha ha. It was so fun for Matt and I to just kick back and watch her move around on the screen. She had every limb in front of her face (including the cord) and was playing a bit of peek a boo, but we managed to see some great shots of her face. It is hard to believe that in about ten weeks (or less) we'll have another little girl around the house! WOW! We are off to Vegas this Sunday for a "free vacation". Matt's book-keeper had a three bedroom suite that she had already payed for and was unable to use so she offered it to us! We will have a blast with Lola there and will experience a very different Vegas than either of us have in the past: pregnancy and traveling with a toddler= lots of pool time and less casino time!

Here are some photos of the belly:

29 weeks pregnant