Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Family Reunion in Arizona

From April 11th-14th we were in Arizona (Sun City) for a whirl-wind Family Reunion on Matt's Mom's side. We were also there to celebrate Matt's Grandmother's 90th birthday! It really was a wonderful time. I was able to get to know relatives that I had never met and everyone had a wonderful time celebrating and catching up. The weather was warm but wonderful and we spent lots of time chatting in the warm Arizona sun and swimming. There were a lot of little ones running around and so Lola had a her cousins Brosnan, Xander and Ethan were there and she absolutely adores them. Thirty-five of us converged upon Uncle Joe and Aunt Dianne's home and we were able to coordinate a professional family photo by the lake despite the number of people and uncooperative little ones! Lorelei did much better with the flights to and from Arizona and was not nearly as afraid. She was very wiggly but overall was a real angel. I had gotten permission from my OB Doc to fly for our two trips, but he has since asked me, "now, you are staying put for now, right?" and the answer is YES! I am tired! Both of our vacations were wonderful, but now it is time to slow down a bit and prepare for baby #2!!

Photos from the weekend:

Arizona Reunion April 2008