Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wow...we are so behind!

Ok. So I have been absolutely terrible at keeping our blog up-to-date. I blame my hectic life. The past month (or two) has been crazy but wonderful. We have moved into our new home and we are loving it. Our new address is 1053 Port Chelsea Circle in Lodi (95240). Every box is unpacked and we only have a few more photos to hang on the walls. The girls rooms are painted and put together...and are adorable! We were lucky that the house was very move-in ready so any changes that we have made or that we plan to make are not necessities. I will try to post some photos of the house soon, so keep checking back, but in the meantime, here are some photos of the kiddos from September and early October:

2008-09-25 Charlotte and Lola end of September 08

2008-10-08 Charlotte and Lola October 08

Two weeks after we moved in we packed up the family and headed out to Arkansas for a family reunion on my Mom's side. Twenty six of us converged upon Eureka Springs where we stayed in awesome cabins in the woods and enjoyed the abundance of local activities. It was wonderful to see everyone and to watch the new generation of little ones play together. The girls did wonderful on the trip and Lorelei flew like a champ...she is a seasoned veteran this year. And Charlotte enjoyed her first plane-rides passed out on my lap. We were so happy that the Searcy family was able to meet Charlotte before she was very old. What a fabulous trip. Here are some photos:

2008-10-24 Arkansas Trip

We had a great Halloween spent at our new home. We had both the Bakers and the Barrows over for the evening and we had a blast meeting our new neighbors and trick-or-treating with our girls and their cousins. Lorelei was a fairy princess and Charlotte was a cute little lady bug. Lola's insecurities concerning trick-or-treating faded as she conquered house after house with her buddy Ethan (a train engineer) by her side. Watching two two-year olds trick-or-treat is a kick. They both were a bit confused about approaching a stranger's door and asking for food, but once they saw what kind of food people were giving them, they were on-board. But apparantly Lola was tired of getting M&M's because she actually said "No" and handed a man back his candy and left his porch! Haha. It is amazing how many ways a toddler can embarass you! We also enjoyed a trip to the local pumpkin patch in October and carved pumpkins at Grandma Baker's school with the other faculty's children and grandchildren. We also carved pumpkins at our house the night before Halloween with the Harbins. Lola and Brenden are such good buddies. Here are photos from Halloween and other October photos:

2008-10-24 Charlotte and Lola and Arkansas Trip Oct 08

2008-11-04 Charlotte Lola late October 08 and Halloween

We also had a great Halloween party at the Harbin's house...Brandie came from Oakland to join us. Matt went as a "naughty husband", I went as a "worn out mother of a newborn" complete with circles under my eyes, a coffee mug, ratted hair etc. Charlotte went as herself and Lola as a fairy princess. My parents attended too...Mom was a crazy cat lady and Dad was the Bird Man of Alcatraz. We had so much fun! Here are some photos:

Halloween party 2008

Charlotte is getting so big! I think that she is about 14 lbs now and has just started sitting alone a few days ago. She digs tummy time and squirms all around. She rolls around all over and rotates like a clock hand when left on the floor. She started eating rice cereal (again) since last month she HATED it. But I seem to end up with more in the bowl than when I started due to cleaning off her mouth with the spoon and scooping up her saliva in the process. She is a pretty happy baby who laughs hysterically at Lola. She has an iron grip and some healthy lungs. She is a Mamma's girl who wants me in sight all of the time, but she also does pretty well entertaining herself in her exer-saucer when Mommy needs a break. She loves stroller rides and sucking her toes. Charlotte is not the champion sleeper that Lorelei was so we are having a difficult time at night. Here are some recent photos of Charlotte:

2008-11-11 charlotte lola november

and of Election night:

2008 presidential election