Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Recent favorite photos...

The girls are now 9 months old and two and a half. I've been so bad at keeping up to date on the blog that it is way too overwhelming to post all that has gone on in the last four months. So, here are the girls now! Charlotte is crawling (strangly) and saying "mama", "dada", "nawnaw" (no no?) and "daw" (dog). She is pulling up and starting to cruise. She is eating crackers, meats, yogurts and all kinds of things now and is a very happy baby. Lola is a talker and loves to "read" us stories, and has a great imagination. She loves to dance to music and do summer-saults. She loves to be outdoors with her dogs and is almost potty-trained (thank goodness). Lorelei loves to ride her trike and sing songs too! These girls are growing up so fast. I am holding on tight to each moment and trying to live in the "now" instead of looking forward to the next thing they will do.

Charlotte 9 months, Lola 2 and a half