Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March Round-Up

March was a fun and crazy month. We enjoyed rain and sun, health and illness, a Birthday for me and LOTS of other friends and family including little Cade Andrew Moreno (the third son of very dear friends of ours) who squeaked his little arrival in at the end of March. Congratulations Chrissy and Mando! Throughout March we were busy with work and play and the girls continued to amaze us and make us laugh. Lorelei is a master at the playground now. She can do the big slides all on her own and even the big kid swings (she swings herself on her belly). She is getting better at dressing herself and can use the big toilet on her own! The things she says never cease to make us smile (and sometimes cringe). Charlotte is now a big 10 month old and in March she learned to wave bye-bye (in the hospital for pneumonia) and to clap. She says "Naw-naw" (no-no), "Mama", "Dada", "Daw" (dog). Her crawl is still very unique but it gets her where she needs to go. She pulls up on EVERYTHING and is walking behind her walker now. WOW!

We are enjoying our time with the girls at these ages and we know it will be gone in a flash. Matt and I got out of the house a few Friday nights ago for a "date-night" and had so much fun. (Thanks Grandpa and Grandma Barrow!) We laughed and laughed- it brought us right back to the days when we were getting to know each other over meals. I had a yummy margarita (cantaloupe)and realized that I am quite the light-weight now since over the last three years I have either been pregnant or breastfeeding! We are really enjoying our little moments alone together when we are allowed them- we often feel like two ships passing in the night with his busy work schedule and the girls at demanding ages.

Easter will be here soon and we'll post again then!

2009-03-23 Charlotte Lorelei late March 2009

Here are some fun photos from the park the other day:

2009-03-26 Charlotte Lorelei March 2009 Fun at the Park