Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lots of summer fun

We've been having a great summer. The girls are at really fun stages and are both very active! Lorelei is taking swimming lessons with her cousin Ethan and despite the tears, they are learning a ton and are doing very well. Charlotte no longer walks... she now runs. It is really had to keep up with her. She is now finally SLEEPING THROUGH THE WHOLE NIGHT! Praise God! Getting full nights of sleep has been a blessing after a year of getting up with her every few hours! Charlotte says several words now: Mama, Dada, Dog, LiLi (Lorelei), up, milk, no, stop. Some of these are in a language all her own. Lorelei is a bright little gal and amazes us daily with the things she knows and the things she says! We've been having fun enjoying summer activities and LOVE our pool. We are also really looking forward to Uncle Kyle and Auntie Aimee's wedding in a few weeks! Every day Lorelei asks, "can we go to Kaka and Aimee's wedding today?" and then says, "oh, the doors aren't open yet?" after hearing my answer. The girls will be the flower girls and we ask that everyone start praying now that they actually go down the isle! Hope all is well with everyone and we'll keep you "posted"!

Here are some summer photos:

Summer fun