Monday, February 8, 2010

"Humboldt" Girls weekend in McCloud, CA

This past weekend a group of 9 of us ol' Humboldt gal-pals converged upon McCloud, CA (near Mt. Shasta) for a snowy, estrogen-filled weekend of catching up with one another. Two of us came from the central valley (April and I), one from the Bay Area (Julie), one from Colorado (Petra) and five from Humboldt. I had not seen most of these gals in over two and a half years. I really miss them and found our weekend to be good for my soul and not nearly long enough. What is funny is that this weekend had been planned months and months ago but as it got closer, we realized that we were all leaving our men with the kids on Super Bowl weekend! Oops! They were all really good sports about our timing though.

Here are some photos from our weekend!

Girls Trip