Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Three's company...

Hey all! As most of you probably already know, we are pregnant with Baby Baker #3! What a blessing to be pregnant again after losing the twin pregnancy in December (one regular miscarriage and one ruptured ectopic pregnancy). My Doc is doing weekly scans to monitor the baby and for the past two weeks now we've been able to see a hearbeat- what a relief. Wanted to share this week's ultrasound with you. It is not much to look at but it is proof to us that there is hope after loss.

Our due date is November 17th- strangely enough it is the exact same due date as the baby we lost between Lorelei and Charlotte. But, knowing my pattern with my last pregnancies, the baby will probably come during the first week in November. I am usually 1-2.5 weeks early and my water breaks at home. We will have to see if this one follows suit! We will keep you informed!

Check out the little bean:

7 week ultrasound