Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Belly photos from week 21 and 22

We've rounding the 20 week, "half-way" mark and are flying through our fifth month of pregnancy! WOW. In less than four months we will be meeting our little baby girl. Hard to believe! Another thing that is hard to believe is my belly! Man oh man. I don't remember being so pregnant looking at this point during my other pregnancies. I am starting to worry about where the next 18 weeks are going to fit! I posted some photos here of my belly during week 21 (self-portraits in the mirror) and some very brave swimsuit belly shots from this week (into our 23rd week now). I may regret these. Oh well. Anyway, I am feeling well and despite some heartburn and tossing and turning during the nights while trying to find a comfortable position for both me and the baby, things are going well! We will keep you posted!

21 weeks pregnant #3

22 weeks pregnant #3