Tuesday, October 19, 2010

36 weeks pregnant!!

Some good news: I am officially released from modified bedrest after 10 weeks of it! Thanks to my super helpful hubby and my Mom who has been helping me out a TON each day with the girls along with the rest of our families and friends I have made it to almost full-term! I had my doctor appointment yesterday and after doing a sonogram on the baby and seeing that she was a good size already (6 lbs 7oz) and that she looked to be doing well, Dr. Hickox said that I can go off of my anti-contraction medication and do what activities I feel like doing! I am starting to dilate and efface so things appear to be beginning to move towards deliver. Since I delivered both girls at around 37 and 38 weeks I am thinking that we may very well have a baby before (or on) Halloween! Thanks to all of you for your encouragement, prayers and well wishes over the past few months. We are very much looking forward to meeting our new baby girl.

Here's a photo of me, just shy of 36 weeks at my sister-in-law's engagement party:

pregnancy number 3, almost 36 weeks