Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February cuteness from Ellie (3.5 months), Charlotte (33 months) and Lorelei (4.5 years)!

Time for another batch of photos to share! These girls are growing like weeds and make us smile every day. Ellie is now 3 and a half months old and is perfecting her social interaction: smiles, coos and almost giggles. She is now in the 13 pound range (the largest of my girls for this age) and is an absolute sweetie pie- and so EASY! Lorelei is loving her second "semester" (haha) of Preschool and is quite the social butterfly. She has a very best friend named Peyton and lots of other little buddies (girls and boys alike). She continues to be a very articulate, curious and loving little girl who has a mind of her own! Charlotte has been enjoying jumping into the preschool activities when we take and pick up Lorelei. She'll be starting Preschool in September too! She loves her time with Mommy and Ellie on the days Lorelei is at school and she continues to make everyone laugh with her quirky personality and antics! So, things are busy around here but that's the way we like it!

February 2011

Ellie February 2011