Sunday, March 27, 2011

20 week Ellie; Brandie's visit and more girlie fun!

Ellie is changing so fast and is turning into quite a little chub (much to our delight since we always had bean-pole babies before!). She's so expressive (especially with her eyebrows) and talkative! She especially likes to hear her own voice when it is quiet in church! She has started using her exer-saucer and loves all of the simulation of the toys that surround her! Ellie's back is becoming a lot stronger and she can sit if we prop her up on her own arms out in front of her! On the downside, she is teething hard-core! She always has her hands/fist/finger in her mouth and seems be experiencing a bit more discomfort with the teething than the other girls did. Hopefully we will only have about one more month before those first pearly whites pop through and offer some relief. She loves her bathtime and her big sisters and continues to be a joy to our whole family!
"Auntie Brandie" also came for Ellie's Baptism at the end of this month (photos to follow shortly) and the girls enjoyed playing and cuddling with her...and Matt and I enjoyed some quality time with one of our favorite people in the world. Brandie, you rock!

Late March 2011 girls