Friday, April 22, 2011

Ellie is "sittin' pretty"!

Well, Ellie beat the clock and decided that she would sit by herself before her 6 month birthday! She does pretty darn well considering how much cloth diaper fluff she is trying to balance upon! She topples over every few minutes which is both sad and hilarious all at the same time...she never seems to mind it. Instead she just grins and uses the opportunity of lying prone to soak up a new view of the room and to just"chill". She is such an easy going little girl! And boy oh boy does she look like her Daddy in these photos!

Uncle Kyle stopped by today while on duty. He was working our "beat" this shift and came by for the girls to play with his cool police car and all of the noisy buttons! We love you Uncle Kaka!

The big girls are in pre-Easter-excitement mode and are looking forward to a weekend filled with egg hunts, family and wonderful food...and one of our favorite things about Easter weekend: Fr. Kelly's song and guitar playing during the Homily on Sunday. We'll be sure to post photos and updates after the craziness of the weekend subsides. We hope you all have a joyous and blessed Easter weekend.

April pre-easter 2011