Monday, June 18, 2007

June fun for Lorelei

Well, Lorelei is now 9 and a half months old and is as busy as ever. It seems as if every day she shows us a new "trick" that almost always involves us keeping an even CLOSER eye on our little mover and shaker! She LOVES to help us hang laundry (it is too hot here to run our dryer during the day).

Actually she "helps" us to unload the basket of wet clothes onto the grass as we are trying to get the clothing on the line. But she thinks it is a kick! Pretty much every activity that she chooses involves standing and she is starting to really enjoy pushing her walker. Lorelei can now point out my nose when asked "where is mommy's nose?" but I believe that she thinks that only Mommy has a nose- no generalization yet. She loves pointing to everything now! She's been making a silly fish face lately and seems to always be experimenting with new ways to contort her face and make us laugh. Her smile has changed quite a bit now that her two top teeth are coming in! She is looking less and less like a baby! Lola has also started to imitate the "woof" sounds a dog makes and as always, LOVES Bailey and Baxter. She spent a nice Father's day with her Daddy (since I was in bed with the flu!) and made Matt really work for the title of "Dad"! What a fun time this is!

Check out some photos here:

9 month fun