Saturday, June 2, 2007

Lorelei is 9 months old!

How is it that our little girl is 9 months old already? This past month has been a BUSY one...she has sprouted three more teeth (with another about to pop through), she has learned how to crawl (and FAST!), she has gone for her first swim in a pool and liked it, and she has had a lot of fun outdoors too! The dogs are still her favorite form of entertainment and she loves them to pieces and they can't seem to stop licking her so I assume the feelings are mutual (or she just has left over carrots stuck to her face). She has also started baby foods with meat and LOVES cheerios, pieces of banana and rice cakes. She is a busy, busy little girl and loves her new found independence with crawling but is not quite sure that she wants Mommy and Daddy to get too far away. What a fun time this is!

P.S. Babyproofing an 80 year old home is no piece of cake.

Check out some of Lola's 9 month photos here:

lola 9 months