Monday, October 8, 2007

Lorelei's 13th month so far...

Well, Miss Lorelei is now 13 months old and we think the theme for this month should be "crash and burn". The poor little thing has a new bruise every day it seems (the perils of learning to walk) and she is quite independent and so she often does not want any help when walking. But the combined factors of two dogs that run around the house, slippery wood floors and wobbly steps make for a very bumped up little girl! She seems to be LOVING the walking adventure and can get from one end of the house to the other quickly! She is saying more and more every day and has a great sense of humor already. She points to me, says "Dada" and then laughs! She loves pointing out people's toes and shoes and she says both words quite clearly! She has sprouted 4 new molars in the past month (three in on day) and although they are not all totally in, I think the worst of the molar-teething stage is behind us (THANK GOD!) and I am sure she is happy about that too. September was a challenging month for me because I took on the roll of "single parent" for five weeks while Matt was working in Salinas with his Dad on a project. He would come home late on Friday nights and head out by 3:30am on Monday mornings. Lorelei and I missed him terribly and I was exhausted! She loved to greet Matt with an excited "Daddy!" when he walked through the doors on Friday nights. He tried to soak up as much Daddy-daughter time with her as he could on the weekends but the days just flew by too quickly. But, we are all back together now and are having fun with all of the new things that Lorelei shows us every day.

Here are some photos from the second half of September until now:

Lorelei 13 months