Thursday, October 25, 2007

More from her 13th month...

Well, Miss Lorelei is a ball of energy. She loves to run through the house and her new favorite activity is shutting every door she can find which can sometimes be a problem when she runs into a dark room and shuts herself inside! Lorelei has been enjoying the fall leaves and loves to step on them to hear the crunch. She says "Mama" and "Dada" constantly and points to us when saying it. She says something that sounds like "Lie-lie" when patting her own chest. She says "no-no" before she does something she is not supposed to do and so we always have a bit of a warning that something naughty is coming. She's still learning the concept. She just recently discovered that she has some hair and she loves to take her brush and "brush" it. When asked where her hair is, she reaches up to the top of her head and pulls a few strands straight up. She can now say "Elmo" and "up" and "down". It seems that every day brings a new word. She is still a peanut weighing in at just barely 19lbs. Her bumps and bruises from a rough and tumble first part of the month are pretty much gone and it looks like we have a forehead clear of bruises for the moment! It cleared up just in time for her "1 year photos" which were actually like her "almost 14 month photos". We bought an adorable little dress for her, moved nap times around so that she would be in a good mood and made Daddy come along to help elicit smiles...but it was a disaster! She was an angel while waiting for her photo, but stranger anxiety got the best of her once set down for her picture. She could not be consoled. We ended up with one shot of her sitting and screaming with huge tears streaming down her face and one close-up photo of her that was actually taken while she was in my arms! Oh well. We tried. There are some fun photos of Lorelei with her cousins on the Baker side of the family as well as with Grandma and Grandpa Baker below. She has a blast playing with the boys! She still LOVES her dogs and I am so thankful that they entertain her as much as they do! It has been a fun month and we are looking forward to Halloween next week. Lorelei will be a ladybug!

Some photos from this month can be seen here:

Lorelei 13.5 months