Thursday, December 6, 2007

Fall Fun and Christmas anticipation

Lorelei is having a blast being outside with Daddy in the cool Fall weather. She loves the leaves and wants to be literally by his side while he does everything!

She is saying more and more every day and after counting, we have realized that she has a vocabulary of over 30 words that she uses without prompting! This kid amazes us daily. She is still a peanut and weighs a little under 20 lbs at 15 months. Lorelei is also working on some more hair so that Mommy can put some tiny little pig tails in that she has been waiting for!

With the house decorated for Christmas a whole new batch of words have emerged in Lorelei's vocabulary: tree, pretty, Santa etc! We put up our tree last weekend and she has been very well behaved around it. She touches it and then says "no-no"! We are excited to see her face when she sees Santa for the first time. But we are prepared for some tears and the fact that I will most likely have to sit on Santa too if I want to get a photo of her without tears! (Stranger anxiety).

Here are some photos:

Fall fun