Thursday, December 6, 2007

Thanksgiving weekend...

We hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had a blast and were ping-ponging all around seeing family. Lorelei LOVED the turkey and mashed potatoes. We split the day between Grandpa and Grandma Barrow's celebration and the Baker gathering at Matt's Grandmother's house with his Mom's side of the family. The day after Thanksgiving, the three of us and the Barrows (my parents and brother) headed down to Oakdale where my cousin April and her fabulous guy Larry live. My Aunt, Uncle and April's brother had come up from San Diego and so we all had a big feast together! It was so much fun seeing everyone and Lorelei loved getting to know her Great Aunt and Uncle (whom she calls "Buddy-Buddy" now because of a game he played with her) better. The following day we hosted a reunion on the Baker's side at our home which happens to be the old family farm house. It was a blast getting extended relatives together from near and far and all of the kids had a blast playing together.

What a weekend! We had so much fun but felt like we needed a holiday to recover from the holiday! We hope everyone found as much happiness as we did in the celebration.

Photos from our weekend:

Thanksgiving weekend