Thursday, May 22, 2008

Counting down! We are 37 weeks now!

Well, at our checkup this week we found that I was still at the same dilation due to rest and our goal is to get through the end of next week when we will be 38 weeks pregnant. But, if we are still pregnant by Friday June 6th, we have a scheduled induction for 5:00am! Oh boy! So, the countdown really begins! WOW. And if things go similarly to Lola's birth (after they administered pitocin at 11:00pm when I was just a fingertip dilated...I had her 4 hours later) we will hopefully be meeting our new little girl by dinner time on the 6th! I am feeling good except for the typical end-of-pregnancy complaints (lots of contractions/pressure/aches etc.) and we are ready to meet Lorelei's little sister although Lorelei may not be!

Here is the belly as of this week:

37 weeks pregnant