Monday, June 9, 2008

One week new...

It has been a fun and crazy first week...although we are cross-eyed with sleep deprivation, all three original Bakers (me, Matt and Lola) are well on our way to adjusting to life with a newborn in the house! Lola has been handling things amazingly well and is more interested in holding the baby on her lap (with our help) than being jealous of her. We are trying to spend as much individual time with Lorelei as we can and with the help of some new toys that had been stashed away until the baby's arrival, she has been a pretty happy camper.

Charlotte is a sweet baby that seems to want to be held a LOT. She is having some reflux issues which means that we need to be conscious of keeping the upper half of her body elevated whenever possible. She seems uncomfortable after eating, but we hope that this resolves itself sooner than later. Other than this, she is a healthy little baby with a big appetite! Her hair cracks us up too...even if we have had a hat on her all day, the moment it is pulled off, all of her hair stands right back up! What a cutie pie.

Here are some photos...

One week old:

charlotte 1 week

More Charlotte photos from this past week:
Charlotte and her visitors