Thursday, June 19, 2008

Week number three for our family of four!

Charlotte's third week of life included Father's Day for her Daddy! We had a great day spent with both sides of the family. Matt feels pretty blessed to be the Daddy of two beautiful little girls and I love watching him in the most prized role of his life. Charlotte has blended seamlessly into our family and continues to make us feel "complete". Lola has been very patient and loving. She kisses Charlotte goodnight, says "I love you" to her and always wants to "Charlotte lap?"- Lorelei's way of asking to hold her. Charlotte's third week of life also meant Mommy's first week at home alone with the girls since Matt went back to work this week. Things have been going amazingly well so far. After trying out several routines to find the best way to get Mommy showered and the kids fed in the morning, I think we have found what works for us for the moment. I know it will continue to be a trial and error process but for now I am thankful that I have an arm and hand for each of my girls although sometimes I feel like they are tag-teaming me! Craziness can be very rewarding!

Here are some photos of both of the girls from this week:

2008-06-19 Charlotte's third week