Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hot August Nights 2008!

Along with my parents and Laurie, Brandon and Brenden Harbin, we headed up to Sparks, Nevada for Hot August Nights over the past weekend. We all had rooms right next to one another at The Nugget Casino/Hotel and Brenden (16 months) and Lola had a blast together. Charlotte was pretty much just along for the ride, but she did really well with all of the activity. Laurie's parents, Pam and Ted Roach (long time family friends of our family) were up there as well. We all had such a good time hanging out and although the weather was quite warm (in the 90's) the evenings cooled off nicely. During the days we walked around and checked out all of the cool classic cars on display along Virginia Avenue and all of the festivities (and food). In the afternoons we hit the pool and let the kiddos work off some energy before nap time. The casinos were close by which allowed for some fun for the adults as well! The evenings were the BEST when the "cruise" came through the streets. It was so nice to be able to set chairs out along the route, chill out with our coolers of beverages and watch the cars come by and show off their engines and NOISE! The drivers would throw beads and candy. Lorelei screamed, "Cars, Cars, Yeah, Yeah, Go, Go, Vroom, Vroom" and was plastered against the baracades the entire time. The noise never scared her and she was in HEAVEN! Each morning the first words that came out of her mouth were, "more cars?". She also enjoyed some candy and her first lolly pop! What a blast.

Photos from our weekend:

Hot August nights