Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Some photos of the girls

These are just some random photos of the girls from the past few weeks. Charlotte is now 10 weeks old! She was 10 lbs, 10oz at her checkup and is 23" long which puts her in the average range for both. She had her 2 month immunizations and there is a photo of her bandaids to prove it! Poor baby! Lorelei is now 23 months old and will be turning 2 soon! Where has time gone? She loves to be outside and has been enjoying sidewalk chalk and bubbles! Lola still loves to hold Charlotte whenever we allow her too. She calls Charlotte "sister" and "friend" which we think is adorable. She even says, "Charlotte, it's ok...don't cry sister" with a very concerned look on her face. What a little mommy she is!

Here are some photos:

2008-08-11 Charlotte Aug 08 and Hot August nights