Friday, September 12, 2008

Baxter update

Thank you all for your concern for Baxter. He is doing pretty well. After the strong pain medication wore off (morphine from the vet) he was visibly uncomfortable, but with the pain medicine that they sent home for him he is doing fine. We apply an antibiotic ointment to his uncovered wounds 3-4 times a day, give him oral antibiotics and a lot of TLC. He is still on soft foods due to his mouth wound, but he gave kibble a try yesterday and did ok. His front left leg is still in full dressing and will probably remain so for quite a while. It is a pretty bad wound. His front right paw is looking better and better but we have to keep an eye on him because he licks it until it is raw. We have been wrapping that foot as well to stop him from being able to get at it. He has been going to the office with Matt every day so that Matt can keep an eye on him. Baxter just curls up in a ball and sleeps the day away and I think he is enjoying the attention from others in the building. Bailey is missing her wrestling buddy and is a bit freaked out seeing him this way. Overall things are going well and we are so glad that we still have him with us.