Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lorelei turned two!

Well, we now have a two year old in the house! Today was Lorelei's official birthday, but we celebrated this weekend with an outdoor party with family. Everyone had a blast and the weather was BEAUTIFUL! Lorelei's Godparents, Chrissy and Mando attended with their adorable sons as well as my old roommate Brandie who recently moved from Washington to the Bay Area. Our neighbor Jimmy also came to Lola's party since he is Lorelei's buddy and surrogate Grandpa! The party was Elmo-themed and Sesame Street decorations were everywhere! Grandma Barrow and I had a great time making Lola's Elmo cake and it turned out pretty cute, yummy and HUGE! Lola even blew out her own candle! We had fun playing lawn games and visiting with everyone. She received a lot of adorable clothing and fun toys! She enjoyed opening the packages, but began to lose interest about half-way through when she took off towards the lawn with a little rabbit Birthday card as company. I guess she needed a break! Lola kept saying, "Lili's Birthday...cake, ice cream!". She was really digging all of the attention even though her little sister was trying to steal the attention away by crying uncontrollably for long stretches of time! Lorelei just looked like "one of the boys" since the only children in attendance were her God-siblings Hayden and Conner and her three male cousins! But she fit right in. Lorelei loved her gift from Mommy and Daddy: a cozy coupe with sounds! The boys pushed her all around the driveway for about an hour and she finally let them have a chance to try it out once they were all worn out! What a great day.

Happy Second Birthday Lorelei!

Here are photos: Double click on the image to see the gallery and captions