Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Turning ONE is so much fun!

Well, our little Charlotte is now 1! It really is so hard to believe. Was it only a year ago that we were just a family of three? Becoming a family of 4 has been so awesome and we count our blessings daily for our little Charby.

We had a great little party for Charlotte last weekend complete with ice cream cookie sandwiches. YUMMY! Thanks Grandma Barrow! Charlotte loved observing all of the action and looked cute in her birthday crown. She totally dug in to her ice cream and picked up chunks of it with her little hands until they froze! She received many nice gifts and was very attentive during the gift-opening session. What a nice day!

Charlotte also had her 1 year "well-baby" checkup with our pediatrician. Her stats are as follows: 17.5 lbs, 29 and a quarter inches. Overall, she is a peanut although her build is much more solid than that of Lorelei at the same age. She is taking steps on her own quite often now and even stops and changes direction! She still only says about 6 words, but why talk when Lorelei can do all of the talking for her?! Charlotte still gives us heart-attacks with her climbing and she can completely disassemble a room in a split second! But that sweet smile and personality continues to melt our hearts. What a joy she is.

Here are some photos:

2009-05-29 Charlotte 1 year old, may 29, 2009

2009-05-30 Charlotte 1 year old, may 29, 2009

2009-05-30 Charlotte 1 year old, may 29, 2009