Monday, May 18, 2009

Late May Fun

Well, the end of May has roasted us with some very hot weather and we've been enjoying the pool...(all except Charlotte). Lorelei would love to live in the pool along with Baxter! The girls have been up to their normal antics of playing and fighting. Charlotte has become very willful lately and lets her sister (and parents) know how she feels by ear-piercing screeches. Oh boy. We'll be putting a stop to that! Lorelei is still a very tolerant and sweet big sister but once she reaches her limit, all bets are off. As a result she's become quite a regular in her time-out spot. And because practice makes perfect, she is now able to articulate very well the reason she was placed there each time! Hug-and-kiss apologies are often not well received by Charlotte but Lorelei feels that until her little sister is smothered into submission to receive the hug and kiss, her debt has not been payed...then Charlotte gets irritated and the vicious cycle continues! Despite the drama, for the most part the girls play together very well. Charlotte loves to imitate EVERYTHING Lorelei does. She cut two new teeth and she has been working on her first independant steps this week. Soon she'll be running behind Lorelei without the use of the push cart! Lorelei has been making up songs left and right and she entertains us in the evenings until we nicely ask her to quit. May has been a fun month and we know there will be many more memorable moments to come in June.

Here are some photos:

Charlotte Lola late May 09