Thursday, September 2, 2010

Little Divas: On Lorelei's 4th Birthday

By far, the two favorite gifts given to Lorelei by Mommy and Daddy! I just love these photos. Dress up is their favorite activity and they were in 7th heaven wearing these new outfits! Lorelei was nice enough to "give" one to Charlotte to use!

Today Lorelei had her Preschool Open House! We met her teachers, classmates and explored all of the fun activities. Lorelei had so much fun showing Daddy and Charlotte around since she and Mommy had already been for a visit. Lorelei starts this coming Tuesday and is SO excited. She keeps asking, "I get to go by myself, right?" We'll see if this confidence lasts!

Happy, Happy Birthday our darling little girl! Four years has sure flown by.

Charlotte Lorelei early September 2010