Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lorelei's First Day of Preschool

Yes, the day finally arrived. After seven months of hearing, "Mommy, when do I have preschool", (ever since we sat in on the preschool class), Lorelei finally had her first day! She was so excited she could hardly contain herself. She wore the new dress from Granny and Poppy, her new shoes, her new backpack and had her hair done "pretty". We were so excited for her to start this phase of her life but at the same time we had a sort of sadness in our hearts as we realized that it was the end of an era. For the next 12+ years she would be attending school and would never again just be home with me. It was a precious time having her all to myself but I guess its time to let her spread her wings!

She had a wonderful first day and met lots of new friends. She is already counting the minutes until Thursday when she goes to preschool again!

Lorelei's first day of Preschool 9-7-10