Wednesday, January 23, 2008

THE BABY IS A........

Ha ha. Made you read past the title! Well, we found out that Baby Baker #2 is a GIRL! I was sure it was a boy and I was shocked to hear that Lorelei would have a little sister! I am especially excited for Lorelei since I never had a sister and these two will be so close in age. Matt could not have been happier with the news than if he had won the lottery! He would love to have ALL girls. The ultrasound tech said she was 104% sure it was a girl and that there was no boy parts to be found...only a lot of views of a hamburger! We are very happy and are glad to add to the gang of baby girls born to our friends up in Humboldt!

Two profile shots of Baby Girl Baker:

20 week ultrasound baby #2