Wednesday, January 23, 2008

January 2008

It has been quite a month for us! We have recovered from the Holidays and have finally become healthy after battling cold after flu after cold! Lorelei has had some "firsts" this month: first piggy-tails (sort of), first time in the big girl blow up bathtub from Grandma Barrow (she has graduated from the kitchen sink and we have no bathtubs at our house...only showers) and first climbing: into chairs, and up and on to her castle slide. She says "Please" and "Thank You" without fail and this is truly my biggest accomplishment in life! She LOVES any sort of frozen Popsicle and enjoys being outside where she labels things like "grass", "house", "tree" etc. She loves her evenings with Daddy and gets a huge kick out of sitting on things right now whether it be a doll, Bailey trying to take a nap, or Daddy's head when he is laying on the ground! Oh so much fun. We love her to pieces.

Here are some photos from this month:

January 2008 happenings