Monday, July 7, 2008

Charlotte is a month old!

We blinked and our baby was a month old! WOW. It seems like she has been with us is hard to remember how our family felt as a family of three. But at the same time it has gone so fast! The past few weeks have been fun. Charlotte is responding SO MUCH MORE to us. She makes great eye contact, tracks us across the room, responds to our voices and is alert much more. She is sleeping much better at night (giving us 3 and 4 hour chunks of sleep at a time) and we are figuring out our little routine slowly but surely. Lola continues to be an amazing Big Sister and has transitioned SO well. She amazes us. Lorelei is talking a blue-streak and is becoming more of a little girl every day. Fourth of July was spent with both of our families at the Baker's house and the weather was perfect! Lola had a blast in the pool with her cousins and Charlotte was passed around the entire time and met some family members for the first time. Both of the girls were able to spend quite a bit of time with my good friend Brandie over the last few weeks since she was here for Brie's wedding and also moved to the Bay Area a week later! We are so excited to have her nearby and she is SO great with the girls. The past few weeks have been wonderful and we thank God every day for the blessing that is our precious family!

Here are some photos of our girls:

Charlotte weeks 4 and 5