Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our girls...

We've had a pretty mild summer (so far) with only about a week's worth of days over 100 degrees. This means that we have been spending quite a bit of time outside, especially in the evenings. Lorelei is a big almost-23-month old now! She amazes us every day with how much of a little person she is becoming: lots of talking, singing complete songs, counting to 20, bossing the dogs around, grasping the concept of "later", showing empathy towards Charlotte when she is upset, diapering her dolls and stuffed animals, helping us do our chores and showing a HUGE personality in that little body. One of her favorite things to do is to play with the dogs. She loves to throw their ball for them and give them treats and we posted some photos of this. There are also some photos of her "hamming-it-up" for the camera during lunch time.

Charlotte is getting cuter and cuter every day! She is a perfect, cuddly little bundle to squeeze. She is smiling now and this just lights up our days! At seven+ weeks she is in three month size clothing already (a foreign concept to us since Lola was always such a peanut) and is doing better sleeping at night...THANK GOD. Her reflux seems to be a bit less of an issue now which has been a relief. Her fussy time is usually between 7 and 8pm...and nothing works to quiet her during these spells. Oh well. That's an infant for ya! She loves to be outdoors and actually enjoys car rides now. She used to scream whenever we put her in her carseat! Watching the girls together is still our favorite activity. Lola always asks, "Charlotte lap?" and will cuddle her until Charlotte has had enough. We are loving life right now.


2008-07-23 Charlotte and Lola mid July 2008