Monday, July 14, 2008

Charlotte is six and a half weeks old!

Charlotte is changing every day. She started to show signs of smiling over the last few days and we are very excited! She is pretty go-with-the-flow and falls asleep the second she is in a car. She seems to sleep most of the morning and is VERY awake in the evenings. Oh boy. Charlotte loves to watch the dogs and tracks us as we walk across the room. Lorelei just can't seem to get enough of her. She is always asking to hold her and likes to giver her a pacifier (sometimes a bit too forcefully). Lola is also pretty tolerant of Charlotte's screams but everyone has their limit. When Lorelei's limit is reached she screams "NO CRY CHARLOTTE!!!!" and frantically pats her on the back. It is pretty funny (and cute). Charlotte also has quite a few rolls on her legs, arms and neck. We are not used to a chubby baby since Lorelei was always such a string bean! We think that it is adorable. She is always making kitten-like sounds, hiccups a TON and makes quite a fuss about pooping which seems odd to us. Wouldn't it be pretty easy to push out something that is practically water? We are having fun with our two girls and have found the transition far easier than we expected. It is hard to remember what it was like with only one child and Charlotte has really made our lives even brighter.

Here are some photos:

2008-07-14 Charlotte July 2008