Wednesday, May 6, 2009

April photos

Here are photos from the rest of April. Overall it was a good month and the girls are growing and changing by leaps and bounds! Charlotte is running all over the house behind her push cart chasing her sister everywhere she goes. She loves to feed herself finger foods and now waves, shakes her head "no, no", says "Mama", "Dada", "Dog", "naw, naw" (no, no) and gives hugs and kisses on demand. She climbs anything in her path and loves to sneak over to our indoor plants and eat the bark and dirt whenever she can. Poor Lorelei...she is having to learn to deal with a very grabby baby sister who claims things with her slobber and chews on all of her coloring books! But overall, Lorelei is a very patient, loving big sister. She is very helpful to Mommy and loves Charlotte to pieces. Lorelei's vocabulary never ceases to amaze us as well as the clarity with which she speaks. She has great little sayings like, "oh dear" and "hey there Mommy-o" and "no way Jose!" She is potty trained (#1), but we are still working on #2. Lorelei is a dancin' fool and will move to the beat of anything! She loves spotting police cars on the road since Uncle Kyle drives on of those cars and she lives and dies for time at the park. Lola also loves to help clean and works alongside Daddy when he mows the lawn or tends the garden. What a big girl she has become! We are so proud of her. Our girls keep us busy and we love them to pieces but Matt and I find enjoyment in the little moments we have alone after the girls are in bed!!!

2009-04-16 Charlotte Lola April 2009

2009-04-17 Charlotte Lola April 2009

2009-04-22 Charlotte Lola April 2009