Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Goodbye dear friend

Many of you will remember the dear friend of ours who stood guard on the porch of every place that Matt and I called home: our beloved cast-concrete E.T. Matt "acquired" him from a college buddy and ever since he has been with us through each move and change. He traveled with us from Sacramento to Eureka where he adorned two different porches...and then on to Orange County and then to each of our houses in Lodi. But last night he was taken. We are so sad. We had hoped that my brother had taken him as a joke but no...he is gone. We knew we were taking a chance by having him in our front yard but everyone knew our place by our E.T. I will be posting an ad on Craigslist if we can come up with some sort of "reward". Maybe we'll wake up tomorrow and he'll be back in our front yard. That would be cool. I just hope some dumb teenagers didn't steal him to shoot at him with a BB gun or smash him in the road somewhere. If they did steal him, I hope they were on bikes and I hope they put him in a basket on the front. He would have liked that. But instead, I would like to think that maybe his spaceship just came to take him home. If that was what happened, we're ok with it.

Here are some photos of our dear E.T.